Golden Vale Synthetic Turf


How to Install Golden Vale Synthetic Turf® Video Series

Wondering how to install synthetic turf?  This video series provides an overview of the installation process with some additional pro tips.

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Chapter 1: Getting Started

Chapter 2: Subgrade Base Materials

Chapter 3: Subgrade Compaction

Chapter 2: Bedding Layer – Installation

Chapter 5: Bedding Layer – Compaction

Chapter 6: Bedding Layer – Finish Grade

Chapter 7: Acclimating Turf to Climate

Chapter 8: Trimming the Salvage Edge

Chapter 9: Seaming

Chapter 10: Trimming the Border Edges

Chapter 11: Securing the Border Edges

Chapter 12Infill Options

Chapter 13: Infill Installation

Chapter 14: Installation Recap


Wondering how much material you will need for your project? Click on the Turf Material Calculator below and download our handy estimator tool.

Product Information

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GV Lush - Specification
GV Prestige - Specification
GV Natural - Specification
GV Lawn - Specification
GV Pet - Specification
GV Putt - Specification
GV Essential - Specification
GV Supreme - Specification
GV Elite - Specification
Tri-fold Brochure
Golden Vale Synthetic Turf - Synthetic Grass - Artificial Turf
13 Step Installation Process